How To Open Your Briefcase If You Can’t Remember The Combination

Having a briefcase that locks with a combination is a great way to keep your private and confidential papers protected. Unfortunately, there may come a time when you lose the combination and need to get into it as soon as possible. Luckily, there are some "lock-breaking" steps you can follow if you have a little time on your hands:

1. Find the Tightest Dial

The first step to opening your briefcase lock is finding the tightest dial. You can do this by pulling aside the sliding latch as if you were opening the briefcase. Once that is in the right position, roll your fingers over the dials that are marked with numbers. One of them will feel tighter than the others and won't give as much as you slide your finger over it.

2. Set it to Zero

Now that you have found the tightest number dial, you want to set it to zero (0). After you have turned that dial to zero, check the other two dials once more. If they are not yet feeling as tight as the first dial, set the tightest lock to one. Check the other dials again, continuing until the other two feels also feel tight. When at least one of these dials is tight, you know you have found the right number for the first dial.

3. Check the Second Tightest Dial

Once you know the first tightest number dial is in the right position, you will need to check the second dial. As you did with the first one, you should first set it to the zero position, then feel the third dial to see if it is tight or loose. Continue adjusting the number on the second tightest dial until the third dial feels tight. That is how you know you have gotten to the right number.

4. Find the Third Number

For the third dial, you will simply start at zero and keep adjusting this number only until you feel the latch open up. If these steps don't seem to work, you may want to simply start over. Keep in mind, that high-end locks and briefcases won't be as easy to crack. If you do get to the right position, write down the combination or reset it to another three-digit number you will be able to remember.

You can also contact a locksmith, like Timberline Locksmith Service, if this method does not help you get your briefcase open. You will need to provide the locksmith with identification to prove you are the owner of the briefcase.