Keep Your Car And Property Safe From Thieves During The Shopping Season

If you are planning on doing any holiday shopping, there are some safety strategies that you may use to reduce the chance of someone breaking in to your car and stealing your holiday purchases. Whether you are out shopping or transporting gifts to others, you could be a target for thieves who want to help themselves to your stuff.

Some reminders to help keep you and your car safe this season include:

Double-check the doors.

Even if you think you are being clever by stashing your stuff in the trunk, an unlocked car welcomes potential thieves to help themselves to your goods. Don't risk an easy break-in by leaving doors purposefully, or inadvertently, unlocked.

Pay attention to what is in the car.

Don't keep spare keys to the house or office in your car; a crook will easily find your address from your registration documents, and could easily hit your house before you even know your car has been burglarized.

Get rid of the spare under the bumper.

Thieves know that many people leave a spare key somewhere outside their car in case they are locked-out. It could be far cheaper to contact a locksmith in these situations than to provide a means for someone to easily access your vehicle by tucking a key under the bumper.

Be careful about flaunting.

Keep purchases and gifts in discreet, non-descript bags such as trash bags to curb interest and temptation. Pay attention walking in and around malls, parking lots, and garages, and always keep a hand free to open your car door quickly.

Watch what you say online.

Don't announce your every move on social media. Unfortunately, sometimes the people that break in to a vehicle know the person that owns it. Telling these individuals on social media where you will be and what you are buying could be asking for trouble.

Clean out your garage.

Take time before the holidays to clean out your garage and make room for your car. The safest place for a vehicle is in your garage, out of sight. Again, be sure to keep the doors locked- even inside your own garage.

Use common sense when parking.

Don't try to save a buck by parking in an unattended or out-of-the-way parking space. These are the spots that are targeted first, and that probably won't have camera surveillance in the event your car is broken in to or stolen.

Don't let your holidays be dampened by a break-in or theft. Use common sense to keep you, your vehicle, and your stuff safe this season. 

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