Home Upgrades To Make Before Leaving The Kids Home Alone

So, your kids are now old enough to be left at home alone. Congratulations! While you're probably looking forward to having more time for yourself, you may also be nervous about keeping your kids safe while you're away. There are some things that you can do to upgrade your home and keep kids safer while they explore their first days of independence.

Look at Your Home Security

Your first stop may be to look at your home security. Teens are vulnerable to intruders. A home security system is a good start to securing your home while you're away. If anyone is found to be snooping around your property, you may be able to find out before they actually break into your home and put your kids in jeopardy.

Review locks with your locksmith as well; if yours are outdated, it's time to replace them with stronger locking mechanisms. Even windows should be reviewed to ensure that they are not easy to break into. Intruders may be more likely to strike when they don't see an adult present in the home or when the cars are gone from your driveway, so don't leave your teens without an action plan for intruders.

Consider Locks or Safes

There may be items in your home that you don't want your kids to be exposed to when you're not around. Your personal alcohol stash is a good example. If you have firearms or other dangerous items in your home, they could be stored in a safe as well. Locking cabinets or personal safes will help keep your teens from getting into places they shouldn't be. Again, consult a locksmith for ideas on a practical way to provide safety for teens.

Review Fire Safety Options

One part of preventing an emergency while you're away is minimizing the risk of typical home emergencies. Fire safety is a big one. Make sure your fire alarms are in good working order and consider installing sprinklers, if you don't have them. Leaving a fire extinguisher in your home, and teaching teens how to use it, could also be helpful in an emergency.

All of these steps can prevent emergencies and give you greater peace of mind. At the same time, review emergency steps with your teens until you feel confident that they'll know what to do in an emergency situation. Take stock of the possible things that can happen while you're away and practice the steps to follow to curb the situation.

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