Four Security Solutions For Construction Sites

Construction sites can be targets for thieves and vandals, and having the right security setup can help keep these people away from your job site. A commercial locksmith can provide many of the services you need to keep your job site secure. Here are just some of the many solutions your commercial locksmith can provide for your construction site.

Trailer Locks

Whether you rent your construction trailers or you have a lot of independent contractors working for you, it's a good idea to change your trailer locks. Your commercial locksmith can install a pass code or key code system that lets you control who has access to your trailer. If you own your construction trailers, you won't have to change the locks at every job site. Instead, you can simply review who has a pass code or key, and change the access through the lock system.

Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems provide a host of benefits for construction companies. The cameras can act as a deterrent for theft and vandalism, while the live feed gives you a chance to observe your crew as they work. Your commercial locksmith can set up a surveillance system that works with smartphones and laptops, so you can supervise even when you aren't at the job site.

Security Lighting

Security lighting can provide additional protection for your site after dark. Motion lighting can scare off anyone who might wander onto the site, while flood lighting can also provide your crew with a way to work overtime to get the job completed on time and under budget. Have your locksmith install lights that are focused on the construction office trailer as well as the actual building being constructed. This can provide security for your blueprints and company documents as well as the building materials you have stored at the job site.

Enhanced Gate Locks

Construction sites are sometimes protected by fences and gates, however, this border is only as good as the lock that keeps the gate secure. Instead of a simple padlock and chain, consider having a reinforced gate lock installed. Your commercial locksmith can help you select the right locking mechanism for your gate and install it for you. He or she can also rekey the lock as needed. This is important in the event that your foreman or other key-carrying workers leave the company at any point.

A commercial locksmith can be your partner in construction site security. Consider hiring a locksmith to inspect and secure each job site you take on.