Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Contractor Install Your New Door Locks

When having your home renovated or when having a new home built, you might just count on the contractor who is doing the work to install the new door locks for you. However, you shouldn't just let your contractor do this work. Instead, you might want to call your local locksmith services for help with your door lock installation. The reasons for this are listed below.

Lower-Quality Locks Might Be Used

For one thing, some contractors opt to use builder-grade materials when building or renovating homes. This might not be a problem with some things, but you probably do not want to go with the cheapest locks that are out there. Your builder might not know which locks are going to be best for securing your home, so you may want to consult a locksmith for advice. The locksmith will help go over the different types of door locks that you can choose from and can help you choose the lock that will secure your home the best and cause you the least problems after installation.

The Locks Might Not Be Installed Properly

Your average contractor knows how to do a lot of things. Your contractor might be able to put in a door lock in a decent way, but the installation might not be just right. It might look decent when you look at it, and you might be able to lock and unlock it, but it might not be as secure as it's supposed to be.

When door locks are properly installed, they should be installed with long nails that are screwed in far enough. This helps prevent someone from kicking in your door and helps keep you and your family safe. A contractor might just be focused on getting the job done, but a good locksmith who has more experience with installing door locks may be more prone to make sure that the locks on your home are installed in a way that will help keep your home more secure, and that will help protect the locks from damage.

Even if it's already included in the cost of the other renovations or building that you are having done on your home, you probably don't just want to let your contractor handle the job for you. Instead, you should consider hiring a locksmith. A locksmith can help you choose the right door locks to secure your home and can make sure that they are installed right.