Get A Locksmith To Create A Valet Key For Your Luxury Vehicle

If you own a luxury vehicle, you probably take great care in keeping it in pristine condition. You keep a close eye on what's going on under the hood and keep the interior spotless. Sometimes though, you might hand your key and car over to someone besides yourself. If you frequently go out to nice restaurants or other places aimed at luxury-minded customers, you might have an opportunity to hand over your car keys to a valet service. While there's nothing wrong with using a valet service, there are a number of reasons why you might not want to hand over your main set of car keys. A local locksmith can help you create a valet key for your luxury vehicle. Here's why this might be a good idea.

A Valet Key Can Protect the Trunk or Glove Compartment

If you store important documents from your business or anything else that you are sensitive about inside of your vehicle, you might not want to give your car keys over to someone who will technically have free access to all parts of your vehicle. To be clear, valet services use background checks to make sure they are hiring reputable employees, but still, it's sometimes a good idea to be better safe than sorry. A valet key will turn your engine on and allow the vehicle to be driven but it will not provide access to your glove compartment or the trunk.

A Valet Key Can Offer Limited Power

Today's high-end valet keys can also be designed in a way that will turn the engine on and allow the car to be driven but will also limit the amount of power the car can use. In other words, if you have a truly high-end luxury or exotic vehicles, you might be worried about whether or not someone is going to take it for a joyride while you are in the restaurant. A valet key will offer enough juice to let the car be parked, but if someone tries to floor the gas pedal on the open road, the car will not respond as it usually would.

A Professional Locksmith Can Help

For best results, seek out a locksmith that has experience working with high-end vehicles. They'll be able to create the perfect key that will give the valet access to park the car but nothing else. Contact a local locksmith services expert today for more information.