Keys To Buying A DEA-Compliant Safe For Controlled Substances

If you have a position that involves the storage of controlled substances, such as drugs taken from the scene of a crime, then you'll need to store them in a DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) compliant safe. Here are a couple of tips that can help you purchase this specialty safe with ease.

Make Sure Locking Mechanism Is Tamper-Proof

Since you are keeping controlled substances in a safe that might be important for an upcoming case, you want to make sure no one can bypass the safe. For that, you'll need to get a DEA-compliant safe with a tamper-proof locking mechanism.

Despite someone's best efforts, they shouldn't be able to manipulate the lock and open it. You want the locking mechanism to be advanced and feature durable materials like heavy-duty steel and still be easy for you to manipulate on a daily basis.

Ensure Steel Is Thick Enough

DEA-compliant safes will have specific criteria as far as the steel that the safe features. It has to be a certain thickness in order to adequately protect controlled substances inside. As a result, make sure you're going with thick enough steel for this safe in the beginning.

The DEA has already laid out these thickness requirements. You just need to shift your attention to safes that meet them so that you can remain in the clear when housing controlled substances for extended periods of time. The safe should have thick enough steel to where it can't easily damage, regardless of what's done to it.

Find a DEA-Compliant Approved Supplier

If you want to certify you're going with a truly DEA-compliant safe in order to legally and safely house controlled substances, then you can save yourself a lot of trouble by just finding a DEA-compliant approved supplier. All they may sell is DEA-compliant safes.

Then you won't have to worry about not meeting certain criteria with this safe, such as it being a certain size and being made out of specific materials. The supplier may even have become certified to sell these specialty safes for controlled substance purposes, giving you added assurance when making this important investment.

There are certain companies tasked with housing narcotics and other controlled substances taken from crime scenes. These substances should always be kept in a DEA-compliant safe, which you'll have no issues purchasing for your site if you make sure your search is focused on the right safe varieties and suppliers.