Choosing The Right Locks For A Commercial Building

Did you purchase a commercial building in a part of the city that has unappealing crime statistics because the market price was within your budget? If your intent is to transform the building into a store, there will be a risk for criminals to attempt breaking into the establishment, especially in a crime-ridden area. The best thing to do as a business owner is to make it difficult for criminals to enter your building, which means that you need to hire a commercial locksmith. With the assistance of a locksmith, you can install the most high-quality locks on your doors that are difficult to pick. The best way to learn about your lock options is to speak to a locksmith, but this article provides a general overview of locks you can consider.

Double Cylinder Locks Can Deter Burglars

If your building is like most commercial buildings, there are a lot of windows at the front of the building and at the entry door. Windows might add to the aesthetics of a building establishment, but windows are also appealing to burglars because the glass can easily be broken. If you have glass in your doors or doors that are close to the windows, you should consider getting double cylinder locks installed. The reason is that double cylinder locks are not equipped with interior or exterior doorknobs. Criminals will not be able to unlock the doorknob by breaking the glass near the door, which means the only option will be to spend a lot of time trying to pick the cylinder lock.

Locks without Keyholes Are Difficult to Pick

If you want more security than double cylinder locks, you should consider locks that do not have keyholes in them. For example, you can hire a locksmith to install carded access locks on the doors. No one will be able to enter the building unless an activated card is used, and you will have full control over activating and deactivating the cards. It is difficult for a carded access lock to be picked, and it is highly possible that criminals will be caught before they successfully pick the lock, especially if your building has an alarm system.

Deadbolts Provide More Security

If you just want a little more protection for the locks on the doorknobs, getting deadbolts installed above the doorknobs is ideal. Deadbolts are not easy to pick, and criminals will have to pick the lock on the doorknob, as well as the deadbolt. Explain your needs to a locksmith so he or she can come up with the best solution for your building.

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