Two Ways A Commercial Locksmith Can Benefit Your Business

Locksmiths are widely known for repairing broken locks, creating new or duplicate keys, and opening doors when someone is locked out of a car or house. However, locksmiths have evolved tremendously in recent years and the range of services they are now able to offer is absolutely astronomical. If you are a business owner looking to make your brick-and-mortar facility a safer place to be, find out why you should hire a commercial locksmith immediately.

Panic Bar Door Locks Are Essential

A panic bar door lock, also known as a push bar, can take the safety factor of your facility to an entirely different level. These locks are activated when someone inside the building pushes on them. All it takes is a gentle nudge and the lock is released so indoor occupants can get outside. This small change in design may seem insignificant but there is so much more to the functionality than meets the eye.

Take a moment to consider the following questions. Are your current doors easy to open in an emergency? Do they open inward or outward? If a fire were to break out, could your staff and visitors quickly get through the doors to escape injury? The answers to these queries are extremely important because your life and the lives of those you employ could hang in the balance.

Having a commercial locksmith apply panic bars to your doors makes it a lot easier to escape should the need arise. You'll enjoy greater peace of mind just knowing you won't have to search for keys or perform other extensive measures to get to safety.

Smart Locks Are A Boon For Business

Handing out keys to people in leadership positions within a company is a fairly common practice. Maybe you have one or more managers who are responsible for coming in early to open the doors for business and they need a key to do so. 

Utilizing the assistance of a commercial locksmith can make this process more advanced than ever. Smart locks that open with codes instead of physical keys can be easily reprogrammed if an employee leaves the organization and should no longer have access. No need to worry about retrieving a key because the Smart lock can be reset in a matter of seconds.

Commercial locksmiths can do so much to help your business thrive. Reach out to one of these professionals in your local area to see how they can assist today. For more information, contact a commercial locksmith near you.