4 Benefits Of Hiring A Locksmith For A Deadbolt Lock Installation

Break-ins can be financially and emotionally draining. Many homeowners who have dealt with burglaries always feel unsafe and want the best security locks after the incidents. If you want to improve security and protect your home from burglary attempts, your locksmith might recommend installing a deadbolt lock. Below are some benefits of using deadbolt locks.  1. Superior Protection  Most burglaries involve forced entry. Standard door locks can be broken using crowbars due to their weak seals against the door frame. Read More 

Choosing The Right Locks For A Commercial Building

Did you purchase a commercial building in a part of the city that has unappealing crime statistics because the market price was within your budget? If your intent is to transform the building into a store, there will be a risk for criminals to attempt breaking into the establishment, especially in a crime-ridden area. The best thing to do as a business owner is to make it difficult for criminals to enter your building, which means that you need to hire a commercial locksmith. Read More 

3 Reasons to Contract a Commercial Locksmith to Install a Business Keyless Lock System

As a commercial property manager, the security of your clients should be a top priority. However, with the current upsurge in criminal activities, your security measure may have been pushed to the limit. And you may be wondering how you can improve the security of your residents. Well, this is where a locksmith comes in. A commercial locksmith can install a world-class keyless lock system to control access to your rental property and ensure your clients are safe. Read More 

Keys To Buying A DEA-Compliant Safe For Controlled Substances

If you have a position that involves the storage of controlled substances, such as drugs taken from the scene of a crime, then you'll need to store them in a DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) compliant safe. Here are a couple of tips that can help you purchase this specialty safe with ease. Make Sure Locking Mechanism Is Tamper-Proof Since you are keeping controlled substances in a safe that might be important for an upcoming case, you want to make sure no one can bypass the safe. Read More 

4 Ways To Make Your Commercial Access Control Security Systems More Effective

Do you keep seeing odd people straying into unauthorized spaces in the workplace despite having an access control system? Then, you need to evaluate the efficacy of your system in your security plans. This evaluation should be periodic since security needs for commercial premises keep evolving. There are several key issues you should consider when strengthening your commercial access control security systems: 1. Evaluate Features  Commercial access control systems keep evolving. Read More