Hire A Locksmith For These Situations

Getting locked out of your house or car is never a fun experience, and most of the time it happens at the most inopportune time. Luckily you can call a locksmith that can come and get into your home or car. Most of the time people think of locksmiths as an emergency solution, but there are many times that it is a very good idea to call a locksmith about their services. Read More 

Ways To Make Your Home Smart

For years, Hollywood has created visions of homes that include technology that works seamlessly to deliver meals, lock doors, or provide the weather. Well, these technologies are becoming increasingly available in homes. Here are some technologies that you can get right now to make your home smarter. Electronic Locks One newer technology that has taken off is electronic locks. If you haven't had your locksmith install these, you're almost behind the curve by now. Read More 

Security Features To Consider If You Rent Out Your Vacation Home

If you rent your vacation home out on one of the many popular vacation rental sites, you may want to consider adding a few security features first. Added security features can keep both your home and your renters safe and secure. Consider the following ideas, and discuss them with a locksmith like Ability Lock & Key to determine which ones are right for your property. Keypad Door Locks Keypad door locks offer a great way to upgrade your vacation home's existing locks. Read More 

Home Upgrades To Make Before Leaving The Kids Home Alone

So, your kids are now old enough to be left at home alone. Congratulations! While you're probably looking forward to having more time for yourself, you may also be nervous about keeping your kids safe while you're away. There are some things that you can do to upgrade your home and keep kids safer while they explore their first days of independence. Look at Your Home Security Your first stop may be to look at your home security. Read More 

Keep Your Car And Property Safe From Thieves During The Shopping Season

If you are planning on doing any holiday shopping, there are some safety strategies that you may use to reduce the chance of someone breaking in to your car and stealing your holiday purchases. Whether you are out shopping or transporting gifts to others, you could be a target for thieves who want to help themselves to your stuff. Some reminders to help keep you and your car safe this season include: Read More